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1 January 2011

Reflect on TOLTOL's 2010

It has been another busy year here at Tired of London Towers. Your author has been doing his best to continue to think of things to do in London, and thankfully you have all kept popping by to read it, with the number of unique visits this year having nearly trebled on last year.

The most popular posts in 2010 were Sohos Secret Tea Room, which your author discovered whilst talking to strangers in the Coach and Horses in Soho, the Wibbley Wobbley in Greenland Dock, the Mayfield Lavender Farm and the Battersea Car Boot sale.

Following on from the establishment of Bored of Brighton in 2009, 2010 saw the concept go antipodean, with the start of Perthect Day, in the Western Australian capital, giving your author even more time to think about how he should have franchised this idea, and also the rather late launch of the Tired of London Facebook page.

Tired of London, Tired of Life's Second Birthday took place in October, and was lovely evening, allowing your author to meet readers, friends and other bloggers in the flesh and listen to some excellent music from Alexandra Carter & Tiramisu with the fantastic support of the Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green. Your author also did a podcast interview for Londonist Out Loud, and was featured in the Times, which would have been brilliant if it wasn't for their new traffic-dulling paywall.

Your author spent time with some excellent London bloggers over the year, including everyone from Londonist and Twitter.com/LDN, Jane from Jane's London, Ian from Ian Visits, Mecca from Annie Mole's London Underground Blog and others, and thoroughly enjoyed the work of illusive bloggers he has never met, including Diamond Geezer, the Shady Old Lady and the Greenwich Phantom.

2011 will hopefully be just as productive, and your author will do his utmost to continue to suggest one thing a day to do in London, and hopefully even launch some other stupid boy projects...

Thank you all for reading this year. It has been fun.


  1. And thank you for being a tireless poster! I recently found your blog and absolutely love it. I spent some months, earlier in the "naughties", trying to find a job in London but was unsuccessful. I have loved it from afar ever since.

  2. The welcome appearance of 'Tired Of London' in my Twitter timeline is a daily delight. I felt a little frisson of something or other when Northala Fields had a day to itself in the rosy glow of your spotlight.

    I hope you never lose your enthusiasm; after all, he who is tired of London, etc. etc.

    love @monkeyspangles

  3. Thanks loads all. Really good to have your support.

  4. Nicely put Tom, not at all self indulgent as your loyal readers appreciate hearing from you :)

    Well done on another excellent year and here's to 2011!

  5. Thanks, and especially nice that you like hearing from me.

  6. Tom - Keep up the good work, enjoy your musings - hope to be able to share some of London's wonders with you this year rgds JJ aka Spitalfields Wanderer