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11 January 2011

Take a walk around Woldingham

The area around Woldingham, in the Surrey Hills, is designated an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty', and is a beautiful spot for a walk, surrounded by steep hills and sweeping valleys, and just half an hour from Victoria by train.

Your author generally sets an arbitrary boundary for articles at the M25, and to demonstrate that he also caters for those in outer London, he took a very pleasant walk in the vicinity of Woldingham back in October.

It's a lovely spot to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Central London, to wander along past Woldingham School and wonder who on earth can afford to send their children to such a school, where some girls bring their own polo ponies, but others just use the trained polo school ponies provided. The only problem with the walk is that - horror of horrors - Woldingham doesn't appear to have a pub.

For more information on a walk in the area, visit http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/northdowns/uploads/Woldinghamleaflet.pdf


  1. That looks a fascinating walk, although the lack of a pub is definitely a minus point. You'd have to bring a bottle with you...

    I love the Surrey Hills, although I'm a few miles away along the North Downs Way from here.

  2. Ohh the sweet English countryside. Always a pleasure to see. And apparently it's not anywhere remote, so it's even greater! :)

  3. If you want booze by the glass try the Woldingham village club in the village centre or by the bottle try the village shop