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31 January 2011

Relax in the Fox and Anchor

Your author is a pub purist, and usually balks at the term 'gastro-pub', but occasionally it is done very well, and the Fox and Anchor, in Smithfield is an example of the better side of things. It's a beautiful pub, with a good range of ales, and the option of either pewter or a dimpled pint mug when you're drinking them.

When your author popped by on Saturday afternoon with Jane from Jane's London and Malcolm from London Ramblings not only was it open - unusual for a pub in Smithfields at the weekend - but it was packed, which is a good measure of the popularity of the place. On the downside, the proper drinking area at the front is really quite small, but if you're eating there is plenty of space, including some hidden nooks and booths in the back rooms.

The Fox and Anchor also operates as a small hotel, with six rooms upstairs, and the beautiful interior and exterior really do show what can be achieved with a good central-London pub, without ruining it or pricing ordinary punters out of the market. In fact, the only way it has been ruined is the addition of a cringeworthy website front page statement, announcing 'The pub just got chic'. Yuck!

For more information, visit http://www.foxandanchor.com/


  1. I've only been there once, taken by someone who knows much more than I ever will about London pubs, where to go and where not to go. We went for breakfast and it was wonderful in every respect. A fantastic place to eat and hang out.

  2. Ah, this review came just in time for picking a place to meet up for after-work drinks this week! Thank you!

  3. They have the best pork scratchings (bar snack) in London! They also have realy good live music (jazz) on Sundays.

  4. And the Doulton tiles on the exterior are sublime