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4 January 2011

See the Soho Square Gardener's Hut

Though Soho Square was laid out in 1681, it wasn't until the end of the 19th century that a distinctive half-timbered Gardener's Hut was placed at the centre, which according to local legend contained the entrance to a secret tunnel that links to Buckingham Palace.

The most recent hut was, it is thought, built by the Charing Cross Electricity Company in the 1920s, to hide an electricity substation. Today, the two-storey hut is a Grade II listed structure, and is maintained by Westminster City Council. Architecturally, the shed is, we are told, an octagonal market cross building in the Tudorbethan style.

For more information, visit http://westminster.gov.uk/myparks/parks/soho-square/


  1. very cute architecture...
    but does it sell espresso?

  2. Sadly, no, it is just there for its aesthetic and storage qualities.

  3. It also hides an Electricity Sub Station, don't ya know!

  4. anything else anon?