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13 January 2011

Remember the 20th century Martyrs

A more recent addition than you might expect on such an ancient building, new statues of ten 20th century Christian martyrs were added the niches above the above the west gate at Westminster Abbey in 1998.

The statues, placed in spaces that had remained empty since the middle ages, commemorate some fascinating stories of figures who were killed before their time; by the Nazis, by religious fundamentalists, by the Bolsheviks, during the Chinese cultural revolution, and during the rule of Idi Amin, amongst others.

One of the most iconic statues commemorates Martin Luther King, Jr, who was assassinated in 1969, but they cover a range of figures, including the 16 year old South African schoolgirl Manche Masemola.

For more, and full details of all those commemorated by the statues, click here.

^Picture © gadgetdude used under Creative Commons^

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