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17 January 2011

Park your bike at the London Bridge Cycle Park

Your author's bike is basically of no monetary value whatsoever, and that's why he likes it. However, for those with more expensive tastes, the lack of secure cycle storage in London can be a big problem. Yesterday, by chance, he discovered a brilliant solution, and a great example of what can be achieved, for beneath London Bridge Station is a secure cycle park with space for up to 400 bicycles.

Open daily, with secure card entry and changing facilities, the centre, on Weston Street, does make a charge for the peace of mind of having your bike protected. It costs £1.50 per day, £5 per week or £200 per year, with monthly and quarterly plans also available, but if like one of your authors friends you have had a number of bikes - some which cost a ridiculous amount of money - stolen in a relatively short space of time, it can be worth the investment.

The cycle park is presumably aimed at users of the station - in either direction - who want to be able to cycle for part of their journey, and as long as it is financially viable your author is a big fan of the idea.

For more information, see the bottom of this page on the TFL website, or click here.


  1. Whereas Barclays Cycle Hire costs £45 per year.

  2. also useful for those cycling to the offices in More London

  3. Such a good idea! I do wish I could cycle to work sometimes :)

    Thank you for your lovely blog, I only recently discovered it and I'm having great fun reading through the archives at the moment...!

  4. Thanks Madeleine. Glad you're enjoying it!

    And yes, anonymous commenter, perfect for More London...

  5. Here's Japan's fantastic bike storage solution... http://www.dannychoo.com/post/en/1630/Japan+Bike+Storage/

  6. A few self storage companies also offer bicycle storage. I think www.urbanlocker.co.uk is one of them and it's close to Old Street underground station.