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10 January 2011

Pop into church.co.uk

As the church struggles to keep up with the modern world, it was inevitable really, and in 2003, Christ Church & Upton Chapel in Lambeth decided to rename itself church.co.uk.

Though the original Christ Church was largely destroyed during the Second World War, and Upton Chapel was completely wiped off the map, the current modern building was rebuilt in 1960, and the original spire of Christ Church remains.

Following the Second World War, the church operated without a base for some time. Because of this, the decision was taken to unite the two churches, and today, they operate as a normal church, also offering a home to the Hub Coffee House which serves decent soups and other snacks from 8am to 4pm on weekdays.

The remaining spire itself has an interesting story having been donated by the family of Abraham Lincoln in recognition of the support given by the church in the battle for the emancipation of the slaves in North America. For it was here, a short walk from the Houses of Parliament, that William Wilberforce and friends held many of their anti-slavery meetings.

For more information, visit http://church.co.uk/


  1. a great place for reasonably priced and tasty soup!

  2. I pass this every day on the train into Waterloo. Thanks for the tip about the cafe!