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12 January 2011

Drink at the Windsor Castle, Marylebone

If you're a royalist, or a fan of British eccentricities, the Windsor Castle, on Crawford Place in Marylebone, is everything you can hope for in a pub. There are trinkets and photos everywhere in the pub, all commemorating something or other, and it's a lovely spot to spend an evening.

A celebration of everything British, from the Queen Mother wall, to the handlebar moustache club photographs, the door is even guarded by a model Welsh Guard, in a sentry box. It's so British they even do genuine British Thai food - none of that American muck here.

If you want to thoroughly examine all the walls, it is probably best to arrive a bit earlier in the day, to give yourself time, and space, to take it all in, but you will probably drive yourself crazy trying to see it all. Probably best to just get a drink. You deserve it.

For more information, head over to the fantastic fancyapint.com


  1. Hello Im trying to start this blog centered on hollywood and their stupidty. Please check it out and follow. This is my first post.

    Thank you

    Rufus Carlin


  2. Hmmm, indeed, Malcolm. Rufus has only done one post and seems obsessed with Emma Watson.

    I suggest readers head over to a decent blog like this one instead.

  3. It looks lovely! I had never seen the inside before, even though I wrote about it a while ago: http://www.eurotriptips.com/?p=531

    Thanks for sharing!