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27 January 2011

Buy choice cuts at The Ginger Pig

Ginger Pig is a posh butchers with branches in Hackney, Marylebone, Borough Market and Waterloo. They aim to provide meat from the best, happiest animals, raised on Grange Farm, East Moor Farm and Blansby Park Farm in the North Yorkshire Moors.

Whether its Longhorn cattle, Tamworth pigs, or Dorset, Texel or Swaledale sheep, it's all jolly nice, and it's available all over town from well-trained butchers who know what they are doing.

And if this sort of thing really excites you, The Ginger Pig also does Butchery Classes under the tuition of their team of skilled butchers at the Marylebone store, but as with the meat itself it comes at a price.

For more information, visit http://www.thegingerpig.co.uk/

^Picture © alex_lee2001 used under Creative Commons^


  1. I looked into this once and although expensive, the course does let you take all your meat home with you. After a couple of disastrous attempts at jointing rabbit, I feel that the skills they teach might be a worthwhile investment!

  2. It's not on Blansby Park Farm.

    Ginger Pig is next door, on a farm called West Farm.

  3. Oh, um, well I'm not really sure what to do because it says on the website they are: click here

    Thanks for the feedback, though.