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23 October 2008


The author began this blog in October 2008 because he thought he was beginning to get bored of living in London.

Having lived here since May 2006, and had a great couple of years, it just felt a little like he was doing the same thing day after day.

However, we all know that there are, in reality, an almost infinite number of things to see and do. An almost unlimited selection of experiences and events stretched out before us. The only problem is we can never really find inspiration when we need it, only when we're not really looking.

That's why Tired of London, Tired of Life began. As a place for the author to document those moments of inspiration so he could draw on them later on, and come back to ideas at a later date when looking for something to do.

It's all part of a plan to get the most out of the greatest city on earth, and you can play too, by joining in, or doing them yourself.

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