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30 September 2010

Take tea at Soho's Secret Tea Room

Yesterday evening - by chance - your author visited Soho's Secret Tea Room, a new project currently operating at tea time in the private dining room above the Coach and Horses in Soho. A room which has, for 40 years, been home to the Private Eye lunches.

It was a very fleeting visit, and details were sketchy, but a little research amongst some blatantly promotional website comments reveals that the room might have over 16 different teas, a variety of home made scones and cupcakes, and serve the tea in old fashioned tea pots.

It's all done in an inevitable twee vintage style, apparently to the sounds of an old record player playing original 40's 78's. It is quite atmospheric, not least because the room itself is a real gem.

Details are sketchy, but it takes place daily(ish) around teatime and the room is only accessible through an entrance half way along the bar, and a twisty staircase through the kitchen. This makes it quite intimidating initially, but helps it to be all the more rewarding once you're in.

For more information, ask at the bar at the Coach and Horses, visit the facebook page here, or contact them via http://www.coachandhorsessoho.co.uk/


  1. I'd love to try this. What's the price per person? It doesn't say on the website

  2. Sadly, I'm not quite sure. I only had a wander round and didn't partake (except an excellent cake sample).

    As I say, details were sketchy as it's only just started and they don't have a proper website yet. Maybe give them a call and ask?

  3. isn't a taboo to reveal where such underground tea/dinner clubs are located?

    Lady Gray might not be pleased!

    PS: love your blog x

  4. Is it? Oh bugger.

    I knew I shouldn't have dropped etiquette GCSE.

  5. Aye, it is. You might want to take out the details and just refer to the website. Such places can get in trouble with authorities as they are not really official.

    Unless, of course, Lady Gray gave the thumbs up for you to disclose the location ;-)

  6. I think it'll be ok. Boringly, I think the pub has all the licensing details sewn up.

    I didn't actually meet the mystery proprietor, so perhaps it could be the 234 year old Mary Elizabeth Grey herself?

  7. Perhaps it is! In which case you should be fine, a 234 year old lady will probably not know how to use the Internet so she will never find out!

  8. Call me twee and vintage, but I love that sort of stuff :)

    Tea bags might be speedy, but they have to taste and no class.

  9. Just went today. Cost 14 for a huge selection of food and tea, easily enough to share. Don't think I'll be eating dinner now. You can choose to have single bits for a less to but I wanted to try everything. Great atmosphere and the scones were yum! Thanks for the heads up.

  10. £10 for a pot of tea, sammidges, scones & cakes. a friend of a friend has been.

  11. Had a terrible experience with them, we booked a private party with them and two weeks before (just before Christmas) they pull out because they got a better offer of a larger party! The place looks great, but I can't believe a company would be so unprofessional.