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8 October 2013

Walk in Summerhouse Hill Wood, Beckenham

An area of ancient woodland in Beckenham Place Park in South East London, Summerhouse Hill Wood was once part of the grand estate of the Cator family, who lived at the house. Prior to this, it appears on a 1745 map as Langstead Wood, and has probably been here for much longer. Like the rest of Beckenham Place Park, the wood is now owned by Lewisham Council.

The wood is rich in Oak, Ash and Beech, and also contains other trees such as wild cherry, downy birch and hornbeam. Though it was still green when your author visited over the weekend, the leaves are beginning to turn already, for autumn is upon us, making a great time for walks in your local wood.

For more, see https://www.lewisham.gov.uk/inmyarea/openspaces/parks/beckenham-place-park/Pages/Woodlands.aspx

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