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10 October 2013

Enter the House of Pain

There's a building on Borough High Street where you can go for if you feel like shouting. They let you in and you are free to scream as loud as you can, and when you do it makes colourful lights flash. This, of course, is 'art', part of the Merge Festival on in London Bridge at the moment and put together by Marcus Lyall and Mark Logue of ML Studio.

Yesterday, when your author stumbled through the door almost by accident, a very friendly chap was on hand to usher visitors through to a place where they could scream until their voice was hoarse. It felt a bit like being at Glastonbury in that something interesting, beautiful and expensive had been created for no particular reason but there was so much else on that no one was actually there. However, later in the evening it was busier. If you want to go and have a shout, it's open Wednesday - Sunday from 5pm - 10pm until 20th October. Then it closes forever.

For more, see http://mergefestival.co.uk

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  1. This is great - the picture really explains it too. It's on my list!