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25 October 2013

Cycle the Waterlink Way

An eight mile route along the River Pool and the River Ravensbourne in South East London, the Waterlink Way takes cyclists and walkers from New Beckenham to Greenwich, touching only a few roads on the way and offering a wealth of parks and green spaces en route.

The route is part of National Cycle Route 21 and is designed largely for cyclists, but takes in parts of the Capital Ring and Green Chain Walk and touches both at various points, allowing for different ways to use the route.

For full details, see http://www.sustrans.org.uk/ncn/map/route/waterlink-way


  1. I highly recomend this.

    I recently cycled from Croydon to Greenwich along this route. From Clock House onward it's pretty much off road, so great for kids/amateur cyclists. The only slightly tricky bit is in Ladywell where you have to join the road.

  2. Equally good to walk it if you're not of the cycling persuasion. A nice way of breaking yourself into some of the fantastic paths around London.