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28 October 2013

Eat at Zucca, Bermondsey Street

Though there's so many people giving opinions about restaurants nowadays that it's difficult to know nowadays what is a good restaurant and what isn't one, your author had a very pleasant dinner on Friday evening at Zucca in Bermondsey Street, and would happily recommend it for those who find themselves in the area.

We are told that the chef patron Sam Harris believes that you can tell the quality of a restaurant by the bread it serves when you sit down, and this was evident at Zucca, where it was exceptional, as was the fried pumpkin that followed it. Though the main course was unremarkable, the wine and dessert were pretty good and the staff were welcoming but efficient. All in all, it was a good choice.

To make up your own mind, see http://www.zuccalondon.com/

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