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11 October 2013

See James Capper in residence at the Kirkaldy Museum

The Kirkaldy Testing Museum on Southwark Street is a fascinating place, with huge machines once used to test materials for bridges, buildings and structures around the world, and now preserved by volunteers who love and care for it regularly. For the first time during the Merge Festival around London Bridge the Museum is dipping its toe into art this week, with resident artist James Capper creating experimental pieces for stretching and reshaping in the machinery.

Your author was lucky enough to be in the room on Wednesday when the first such piece was stretched on the machine, and the juxtaposition of earnest arty types and interested museum volunteers made it a wonderful evening. The Museum will be open to see Capper's works from today until Sunday from noon until 7pm and also between 16th and 20th October.

For more, see http://mergefestival.co.uk/merge-2013/2013/10/10/james-capper?view=calendar

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