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22 October 2013

Drink at the Ravensbourne Arms, Lewisham

Having tried and failed to find the good pubs when living in the vicinity a few years ago, your author had dismissed Lewisham as a bit of a pub wasteland, but all things change eventually, and when friends Sunday lunch at the Ravensbourne Arms on Lewisham High Street the experience was not disappointing.

Sure, it's been a bit gastropubbed, with irregular chairs, the ubiquitous 'craft ale' menu, fashionably-haircutted staff who seem reluctant to let you order your food and drinks at the bar and a lot of pushchairs, but the food was decent when it eventually arrived and it seems like the sort of huge pub that never really had character so it doesn't matter that they've probably changed it beyond all recognition. They also seem to do bands.

For more, see http://www.ravensbournearms.com

^Picture © Jo Amelia Finlay used under a Creative Commons license^


  1. The Rising Sun in Loampit Vale isn't bad either (though I don't think it does food).
    I dived in there for shelter from the rain and a swift pint on the way home from Brockley market.
    Outwardly it doesn't look anything special and I had no expectations. But it was a much nicer place than I'd anticipated, so I stopped for another pint.
    I got the impression they've got quite a few regulars (always a good sign) so I looked it up afterwards and it seems that a few other people like it as well.
    Perhaps Lewisham isn't quite the wasteland we'd think.

  2. One more to add to the list (also found when seeking refuge from the rain after Brockley Market).
    The Talbot on Tyrwhitt Road. Serves food. Didn't try it, but it looked good and quite a few tables were tucking in.
    Great low-key atmosphere that felt more like a continental brasserie. The day's papers on the tables, locals who didn't give you the evil eye, and appeared to be child friendly as well.
    Well worth a look