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26 July 2010

Pop by the Queens Arms

Time for another pub, and the Queens Arms, in Kensington, is the the closest pub to the Royal Albert Hall, and was built around 1910. It's a popular spot for students from the surrounding universities and also anyone popping in for a swift half before they go to see something at the Hall itself.

It's tucked away in Queens Gate Mews, so can be difficult to find, and its a nice enough spot, though when your author popped in recently for lunch the food he ordered didn't contain many of the things listed on the menu, and £11.80 for a burger and a pint seemed rather steep for what was offered.

That said, its a busy little pub in an interesting place, and is still worth a visit. Film fans may be interested to know that the film Layer Cake was filmed in the Mews, and that Guy Ritchie once owned the white house opposite. For more, see http://www.thequeensarmskensington.co.uk/

1 comment:

  1. It is a nice place, especially for the food.

    Technically it is the closest pub, but for £1 membership you can pop over to Imperial Union right next to the RAH and pay student prices for drinks. Generally they also have a BBQ going.