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24 July 2010

Play ping-pong in the park

As readers will no doubt be aware by now, ping-pong tables have been installed in places across London over the last few days, and will remain there for around a month in order for us all to enjoy playing some ping-pong.

It's a joint venture by the English Table Tennis Association and Sing London, funded by the National Lottery, and mirrors the pianos which appeared last summer, and led to some fantastic impromptu late night sing-alongs. This time, it's impromptu games of ping-pong they're seeking, and it sounds like a good idea.

It's really a publicity stunt, aiming to tie together the Mayor's wiff-waff speech and a desire to have more people play the game, but its a very good one. Let's just hope there will be no thefts of bats and balls. Your author will leave the final word to Colette Hiller, Creative Director of Sing London, who says "Ping! is for everyone – those who love table tennis and those who didn’t know they did". But that's not actually everyone is it Colette? What about people who hate ping-pong?

For more, and a map of locations, see http://pinglondon.com/


  1. I was in the local park today having a game of ping pong and it was good fun. They are prepared for the loss of bats, the park guy had loads of spare ones. He was more worried about the table disappearing...

  2. i was in soho square this afternoon and two men were playing, one of them invited anyone who wanted to play to come and join them in a game of 'round the clock'. he also gave us some coaching (i think he may have been one of the organisers of the scheme). it was good fun and i thought it was amazing how the ping pong managed to bring all these different people together even just for a short time. really great

  3. Fantastic experiences. Thank you so much for sharing. These are surely what the scheme is all about.