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30 July 2010

Drink at the Commercial Tavern

The Commercial Tavern, on Commercial Street, E1, treads a fine line. It's 'cool', but it's also a nice place to be. The hordes of trendies who flock in after work wearing thick-rimmed artist glasses are barely noticable if you find a nice spot by the window to stare out into a light breeze.

There's lots of trendy pub tat and chandeliers adorning the walls and the ceiling, but they also serve ales in dimpled pint pots, just like in the countryside, and the recent addition of beers from the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich is very welcome.

The downstairs is a little dark, as the shutters always seem to be closed, but if you can find a place on the outside tables or upstairs this pub is a nice place to be. And when your author visited yesterday evening he was pleased to find that there is even a new cut-through down Wheler Street to Shoreditch High Street station.

For more, see http://www.timeout.com/london/bars/reviews/12905.html

^Picture by the fantastic Ewan Munro^

1 comment:

  1. It's certainly dark down below, and I also recall it being exceptionally breezy: the owners insisted on keeping all the doors open on a chilly spring afternoon when I was there last. Only stayed for one...