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20 July 2010

Eat and drink at La Piazzetta, Covent Garden

It can be a real trial trying to find somewhere to have a nice cup of tea after work in central London, and when your author and a friend were wandering through Covent Garden in yesterday's evening sunshine, they eventually settled at La Piazzetta, in Neal's Yard.

It is a bright little place, with an a good attempt at a Mediterranean ambience, and a range of meals, snacks and cakes on offer. It was very pleasant, but when a table became free outside and a move to drink al fresco was attempted, this was immediately vetoed by the waiter, as these tables were "not for a cup of tea" even though the cafe which was pretty empty. This put a bit of a downer on the relaxed vibe.

So, the search for a decent spot for after-work tea drinking continues, but don't rule out La Piazzetta just because of this bad experience. It certainly benefits from its position, away from the traffic, and the result is a nice space for a drink and a chat.

For more, and a takeaway review, see http://coventgardencafes.com/2010/04/13/la-piazzetta/


  1. For tea around Covent Garden, I quite like Bou Tea on Wellington Street (website, my writeup).

  2. Thanks for the tip, will have to check it out!

  3. The staff are militant. A friend and I had a cup of tea one quiet sunday morning on one of the outdoor tables (lucky us). But were sharply informed not to place our bottles of water on the table.

  4. Who can blame them, I guess. It must be an expensive spot, rent-wise.