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1 July 2010

Go camping at Wimbledon

Every day during Wimbledon, a number of tickets are set aside for people willing to turn up on the day. In order to get there early enough, you usually have to camp over the night before, and now we're into the last four days, your author isn't sure how fruitful it will be, but it's worth remembering for next year.

We are told that the queue for on-day ticket is designed to provide a special Championships experience, ensure fairness and to create an area suitable for our queueing visitors. Camping is positively encouraged, but if you do choose to, you'll be woken around 6am by stewards, asked to dismantle any camping equipment and create space for those joining the queue on the day.

Now we're into the last few days, all the Centre Court tickets have gone, but approximately 500 tickets for No.1 and No.2 Courts are reserved for sale at the turnstiles each day, and 6,000 Ground Admission tickets are available each day, vary dependent on the number of people already in the grounds, the number of courts in play and the weather.

Whilst you may, therefore, end up just sitting around on the grass, or watching the Senior Gentlemen's Invitation Doubles on Court 18, it's all part of the experience and it is Wimbledon. Your author doesn't mind, really, as he doesn't even actually like tennis. If it's just a box-ticking exercise, you might even like to try popping down after work, as there are often returns available in the evening to let you have a wander round.

For more on queueing, see Londonist or the Wimbledon Website.

^Picture by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker^

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