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23 July 2010

Drink at the Cove

Situated above the West Cornwall Pasty Company, in Covent Garden, the Cove is a small but welcoming touristland pub, which was once the only Cornish theme pub in London.

From its usually-crowded terrace overlooking the front of St Paul's Covent Garden, and the inevitable street performers and tourists which fill the street below, it is a good spot for an ale and an overpriced pasty brought up to you still warm by dumb-waiter from the shop below.

True to its West Country roots, drinks are ale-based, but unfortunately they are usually as expensive as you might expect in this area of town, but you do get that 'little place that I know' feeling as you slip up the barely-marked stairway from the market below, and see a thousand vacant faces staring up at you from below wondering how they could get up there. That, and it's about a thousand times better than the Punch and Judy next door.

For more, see http://www.fancyapint.com/pubs/pub1533.php or for more on the West Cornwall Pasty Company attempt to navigate their frankly bizarre website at http://www.westcornwallpasty.co.uk/

1 comment:

  1. I recently spent an hour or so at The Cove on a St Ives reunion - expensive but it is a great spot on a sunny day. Where is the other Cornish themed pub in London? I had no idea there were two!