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10 July 2010

Play games at the Hide and Seek Weekender

Your author popped into the Hide&Seek Weekender at the National Theatre last night. Hide&Seek are an organisation who make up little games to play, and it's quite fun. The official line is that they 'expand the boundaries of play, reaching out into public space, new technologies, culture and media', but its basically just little games.

There are various games to play throughout the weekend, some of which you need to book and some of which you can just show up and do. Your author took part in a couple yesterday, one of which really badly organised and the others were very good, but it's hard to criticise too much having never organised a games festival.

For more on the weekender, and the games on offer, see http://www.hideandseek.net/play-with-us/weekender-2010/

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