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22 July 2010

Explore the 2010 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

Your author has written a lot about East London recently, so let's head to West London and the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. This year's Pavilion, the tenth annual architectural experiment, is designed by Jean Nouvel and is open to the public for free until 17th October.

The Pavilion is operating as a public space, a cafĂ©, and outdoor table tennis space, including French outdoor ping pong tables, and as a venue for Park Nights, the Serpentine Gallery’s programme of public talks and events, which attracts up to 250,000 visitors each summer.

So far, your author has only seen it from the outside, as he dashed from Westminster to Notting Hill for an evening last week, but it looked very impressive. For more, watch the video above, or see http://www.serpentinegallery.org/2010/03/serpentine_gallery_pavilion_20_14.html


  1. I had a wander through a couple of weekends ago. Unfortunately due to the incredibly hot weather the 'redness' of the thing just made me feel even hotter when I was underneath it! I can imagine that in more inclement weather it might be rather fun - especially watching rain beating down on the red perspex roof :)

  2. East London rules!

    Not sure if you knew about the Arnold Circus sharing picnic--stumbled on it en route to the Shoreditch Festival and stayed there instead! Amazing day with great art activities, music, and food. Such a pretty spot with an interesting history too.