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28 July 2010

Explore Russia Dock Woodland

Russia Dock Woodland, in Rotherhithe, is an area of woodland which was planted in the new space created when one of the former Surrey Commercial Docks, the Russia Dock, was filled in in the late 1970s.

Like most of the London Docks, Russia Dock got its name because it was originally used for the importing of timber from Russia, as well as Norway and Sweden. The wood was known as Deal and sorted by the legendary Deal Porters.

Nowadays, the woodland, which was covers 34.5 acres, and was planted in 1980, and is home to a fantastic array of wildlife, including toads, newts, birds, bees, caterpillars, hedgehogs, frogs, newts, grasshoppers, stag beetles, foxes and even possibly kingfishers and herons.

Your author's picture above, taken in December, doesn't really do it justice, so for more information, visit http://russiadock.blogspot.com/


  1. just found this place other week, I live near bermondsey station and was driving past that way one day and said to husband, that looks nice in there, didnt even know what to expect, was curious really, so we walked there the next week and its really peaceful and nice

  2. no one knows where it is its not publicised to any one those who run it don't want you in it its a big dog shit area don't go if you are a stranger in the area