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16 March 2014

Watch the St Patrick's Day Parade

The annual St Patrick's Day Parade takes place today in London, with 100,000 people expected. The event begins at noon with a parade which follows a 1.5 mile route from Piccadilly to Whitehall, before a stage in Trafalgar Square offers, we are told, "the best of Irish music, song, culture, arts and dance".

This year, that best includes Michael Flatley, Riverdance and actors from the West End musical The Commitments, which in your author's opinion isn't really the best the Emerald Isle has to offer, but we are also promised folk group Kila, and there will surely be some lesser known, and better, acts.

For more, see http://london.gov.uk/get-involved/events/st-patricks-day-parade-and-festival-2014

^Picture © Blowing Puffer Fish used under a Creative Commons license^

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