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2 March 2014

Attend the Maslenitsa Russian Festival

If the passing of the Sochi Winter Olympics has left you in the mood for more things Russian, or at least hasn't put you off Russia altogether, then there's a free festival in Trafalgar Square today just for you. The Maslenitsa Russian Festival offers an onslaught of Russian culture which we are told will feature live Russian folk music, dancing and children’s shows, with plenty of scope for audience interaction.

We are told that the festival is a Russian Orthodox religious celebration with an older pagan festival welcoming the arrival of spring, and hopefully some springtime weather will be on offer today to make it pleasant, though at the time of writing the forecast was inconclusive. If it's cold, at least there will be Russian food, such as beef stroganoff, borscht, pelmeni dumplings and bubliki and vatrushki pastries available to warm attendees from stalls on the square. Zdravstvui Maslenitsa! as the mayor would no doubt want us to say...

For more, see http://www.maslenitsa.co.uk/

^Picture © Maks Karochkin used under a Creative Commons license^

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