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31 March 2014

Find David Breuer-Weil's Alien in Grosvenor Gardens

Installed last year as part of the City of Westminster's 'City of Sculpture' programme, David Breuer-Weil's huge Alien sculpture is currently found in Grosvenor Gardens, where it is due to remain until April 2015.

The sculpture is cast in bronze and is designed to represent a visitor from a different world, crash landed in head first in the ground, in the heart of London. It features a tiny sign telling park-goers not to climb on it, but it did seem to be rather too tempting for two young visitors when your author popped by yesterday.

For more, see http://www.davidbreuerweil.com/alien.htm


  1. I love the quirky things you post about. Will definitely keep my eyes peeled for this one.

  2. Thanks! I wondered what this was when I went past the other week (running late so couldn'tstop). Must have a proper look next time I'm that way.