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24 March 2014

Have a free haircut at the London School of Barbering

Your author had heard previously of London's hairdressing colleges, the promised land of student cuts and free haircuts, but had assumed they were the sort of places where only friends and acquaintances could realistically take advantage of a free cut. So, it was with surprise recently that he was made aware of the London School of Barbering on Drury Lane, where potential barbers train for a 9 week NVQ qualification, with an intensive 300 hours of training.

If you have the time to spend an hour getting your haircut on a weekday you too can take advantage of the School's free haircuts, which were very professional. The student cutting hair last Thursday was on his 7th week of training, and though he stopped twice to ask for advice from a teacher who paced vigilantly up and down throughout, it was only for the sort of extra touches which a normal barber probably wouldn't have even worried about, and the result was excellent. Perhaps the result would have been different from a student on week one, but your author had no complaints.

For more, see http://www.londonschoolofbarbering.com/

1 comment:

  1. Huh! Amazing! Hope they will have some places free when I'm off :)