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4 March 2014

Watch the Parliamentary Pancake Race

Today is Shrove Tuesday, and there are plenty of pancake races taking place around town, but one that caught your author's attention is the 2014 Rehab Parliamentary Pancake Race, which has now been taking place for 17 years, and kicks off this morning at 10am. 

The race pitches members of the House of Commons, Lords and members of the press, with some of the more well-known participants scheduled to take part this morning including the BBC's Nick Robinson, George Parker from the Financial Times, Gary Gibbon from Channel 4 News and Ealing North MP Steve Pound, though presumably numbers might dwindle if any big political story breaks

For more, see http://www.rehab.ie/pancake-race/index.aspx

^Picture © Charlotte Coneybeer used under a Creative Commons license^

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