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7 March 2014

Attend a talk at the Royal Institute of Philosophy

Founded in 1925 as the British Institute of Philosophical Studies, the Royal Institute of Philosophy is found at 14 Gordon Square in Bloomsbury, where it moved in 1930 to join Dr Williams’s Library, a small research library specialising in English Protestant nonconformity.

The Institute was granted the 'Royal' title in 1947, having struggled on throughout the Blitz as the bombs fell around it. The Institute continues to hold regular lectures, just as it has always done, and this evening's free lecture at 5.45pm sees David Bakhurst from Queens University in Ontario, Canada, speak for an hour on ‘Training, Transformation and Education’.

For more, see http://royalinstitutephilosophy.org/7-march-david-bakhurst-training-transformation-and-education/

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