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13 March 2014

Drink Gloucestershire beer at the Duke's Head

As some readers will know, your author has strong connections with Gloucestershire, so many thanks to Doreen from Five Points Brewing for alerting us to the Gloucestershire-themed Cheltenham [beer] Festival at the Duke's Head in Highgate this week, featuring beer from Uley Brewery, and Stroud Brewery, though sadly nothing from Wickwar.

This being trendy north London, the Duke's Head appears to be one of those 'craft beer' theme pubs which are so popular at the moment, but thankfully the genuine Gloucestershire beers on offer are not of the cold fizzy nitrogen-infused types, and it is particularly pleasing to see Chas Wright's Uley Brewery on show, a small place in a beautiful village, run for more than 25 years by a man who knows what he likes and makes it from pure ingredients and fresh spring water, still steadfastly bucking trends by refusing to serve it in bottles.

For more, see http://www.thedukesheadhighgate.co.uk/cheltenham-beer-festival/


  1. Yey - from a fellow Gloucestershire-ite! Didn't know about this, thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hi Claire, I went last night and the selection was good! We can thank Doreen for informing us...