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26 March 2014

Find a Watering Hole in Green Park

An interesting drinking fountain designed by Robin Monotti Architects and Mark Titman and installed in June 2012, the Watering Holes are cut from an 800kg slab of Cornish granite, and the three holes offer a drink of water for adults, children and dogs, who find themselves in need of a drink in Green Park, via a small hidden spout near the bottom of each circle.

The fountain was installed thanks to a gift of $1.25 million from The Tiffany & Co. Foundation which helped to restore and install a number of fountains and drinking fountains the Royal Parks, and Watering Holes was chosen as a design for one of the new fountains.

For more, see http://www.supporttheroyalparks.org/explore/tiffany_fountains/drinking_fountain_restoration/watering_holes_drinking_fountain


  1. where's the water..?

    1. It comes out of a spout in each hole when you press a hidden button.

  2. When I first came across this at a distance I thought it was just a sculpture and it looked like a dog walker was letting their pet do its business there. Only as I got closer did I realise that it was 3 water fountains with the lowest for dogs.

    The associated trumpet drinking fountain is also a nice design.