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5 March 2014

See the UK Picture Editors' Guild Awards Exhibition

Currently showing in the rotunda outside the Museum of London is an interesting exhibition by the UK Picture Editors' Guild, showing a number of pictures, some of which will be instantly recognisable and others of which are worth a look.

The free outdoor exhibition runs until 16th March and offers up pictures by Fleet Street's finest, with awards categories including sports, business, fashion and entertainment, citizen, regional and news, as well as various others. Though a little Royal, Sporting and Celebrity heavy for your author's liking it was nevertheless worth visiting.

For more, see http://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/london-wall/whats-on/exhibitions-displays/uk-picture-editors-guild-awards/


  1. some of which will be instantly recognisable and others of which are worth a look

    Damning with faint praise?

    1. Sorry, they are actually all great, it's just some of them you will have seen so many times in the press it's not really worth me telling you to make a special trip to look at them on a wall

    2. Ah. I was only being playful.
      I'll most probably take a look at the exhibition. Just as I read all of your updates. I tell my friends that Ianvisits is 'worth a look'

    3. Thanks very much. And yes, Ian is amazing. I don't know how he does it!