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15 June 2011

Watch Mayor's Question Time

This morning from 10am, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, faces London Assembly Members for one of the Mayor's regular question time sessions. The meetings take place at City Hall, and is free and open for members of the public are invited to attend.

This morning's session will see Boris facing questions on the London Survey, the Crossrail Station at Kensal Green, night flights at Heathrow Airport, the cost of the Cable Car, Redbridge Roundabout, night time deliveries during the Olympics, and the new Routemaster.

Boris usually shows up a couple of minutes late to the meeting at at City Hall, on the The Queen’s Walk, SE1, but if you want to attend, you should try to be early. For more, and a full agenda of questions, see http://www.london.gov.uk/media/press_releases_london_assembly/mayors-question-time-city-hall


  1. Hi. As much as I love blog, you need to post things like this a day before they happen. It's pointless posting them on the day they happen, because all too often by the time your readers read of them, it's too late to attend the event. Please start writing about things a day before they happen at least. Thanks

  2. Sorry Jody. I understand, but this isn't a blog about one thing that you would be able to do the next day in London, it's a blog about one thing a day to do in London. It's format is, and will always be something that you can do on the day. If you're looking for a calendar of upcoming events, I suggest you head over to Ianvisits.co.uk. He is fantastic at that.

  3. Hi Tom. My point is that by the time I've read about the event it's often already passed. So often it fails in it's promise in being "something that you can do on the day." This is particularly a problem when you tweet about an event - sometimes you'll tweet hours after that event has passed. It can still be "a blog about one thing a day to do in London" by giving your readers some forewarning.

    It's a great concept for a blog and it's given me some good ideas for days out, so thanks. But it's also frustrating that you mention some things that your readers can't attend because you tell them too late.

    I'm just offering advice here - your call what you do. Thanks and keep up the blogging