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25 June 2011

Attend the SouthWestFest

News reaches your author that a festival kicked off yesterday in a place called 'South Westminster'. Though it seems pedantic to suggest any more accurate terms to describe where it is being held, the first clue is that it is being organised out of the Pimlico Resource Centre.

Today, there's a Festival Gala Day - held partly in Pimlico's St George's Square and partly in the Pimlico Academy - as well as a Carnival procession around the streets of Pimlico, and last night saw the staging of a Pimlico Proms.

The Festival lasts for two weeks, ending with the St Saviour Pimlico Summer Fair, on Saturday 9th July, and a production of Shakespeare's 'A Winter's Tale' back in St George’s Square, at the heart of Pimlico.

It all begs a question about where this festival is actually being held. Your author knows of another place in Westminster beginning with a 'P', but is having trouble placing 'South Westminster' in the A to Z.

Still, for more on the festival, see http://www.southwestfest.org.uk/

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