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2 June 2011

Drink at the Lord John Russell

Your author is off to the country this weekend*, to celebrate an amount of time since he was younger. During those years in the country, a disproportionate amount of time was spent in a pub called the Lord John Russell, but like everything London has its own, on Marchmont Street in Bloomsbury.

The pub is named after Lord John Russell, 19th century Prime Minister, advocate of the 1832 Reform Act, and famous grandfather of Bertrand Russell. The excellent pub guide fancyapint tells us that the premises began their life as a whisky merchant, where buyers came to sample the wares, at a long bar divided into cubicles. Today, it's just a good pub, with a range of ales, space to sit outside and a good atmosphere, even if the gents toilets do leave a little to be desired.

For more, see http://www.fancyapint.com/pubs/pub931.php

* note to burglars - flatmate will be present and is a trained killer


  1. Been to this pub and agree it's a very good spot - even if the gents is a bit "used" looking. Have a good time in the country Tom! What will London do while you're gone? :-)

  2. I remember this from my time as a student. The gents loos were medieval then, so no change there. I haven't been back for years - I must plan a return visit!