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24 June 2011

Seek out Van Gogh's house

Like all the best people, Vincent Van Gogh spent a few years living in London. He came following a transfer to the London branch of art dealers Goupil & Co in 1873, and lived at 87 Hackford Road in Stockwell.

Caroline Dakers tells us that he was eventually driven from Hackford Road when acute homesickness was exacerbated by his unrequited love for his landlady's daughter, Ursula, causing him to leave and seek work in Paris.

Van Gogh did return briefly in 1876, living in Twickenham and working at a local school. To read some of his letters from London, click here.

^Picture © sleekit used under Creative Commons^

1 comment:

  1. Everyone understands homesickness, nod.

    But poor old van Gogh. He was always having unrequited love affairs with women who had never said a word to him in his life.