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5 June 2011

Buy books at Skoob

Skoob Books, in the Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury, is a brilliant second hand bookshop which boasts 55,000 different books over 2000 square subterranean feet underneath Waitrose.

Alongside this, the shop also has a million books lurking in a warehouse in Oxfordshire, from which they draw their stock, so it is obvious that this is a committed shop.

Skoob books has been a leader in London's second hand book market for more than thirty years, and in 2010 won a prize from one of the many magazines about London, who declared it London's best bookshop.

For more information, see http://www.skoob.com/


  1. I first discovered Skoob at it's original home, 15 Sicilian Avenue, not sure if the rent went up or they needed a bigger shop but glad I found it before they moved, a truly wonderful place.

  2. Thanks for posting this - I was never aware that such a brilliant shop was so close to me! I tend to avoid the Brunswick Centre as I thought it was all chain stores, so it's great to be alerted to this.

  3. You seem to be doing a tour of my time at University! I remember buying books from their shop in Sicilian Avenue. I thought they'd gone under and was glad to find that they'd relocated to the Brunswick Centre. It's a great place to browse and a real treasure.

  4. I've not heard of this place... how's their foreign language section?