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22 August 2010

Visit the Crystal Palace Museum

A small museum beside the Terraces on which the Crystal Palace once stood in Sydenham tells the story of the Crystal Palace in both Hyde Park and Sydenham through photographs and displays of original documents and ceramics.

The museum is housed in the only surviving building constructed by the Crystal Palace Company, and constructed around 1880 as a classroom for the Crystal Palace Company’s School of Practical Engineering.

The Crystal Palace was created by Joseph Paxton for the Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations in 1851. In the summer of 1852 it moved to a news site was on Sydenham Hill, in South East London and reconstruction commenced.

When your author made the trip last weekend, it was sadly closed, however notices such as the one above insisted it was usually open on weekends. For more, see http://www.crystalpalacemuseum.org.uk/

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  1. Many thanks... I would not have known about the museum without this blog and without your reference to the museum's own web page. I immediately added a link to your post,