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31 August 2010

Filter out the noise of Soho

Not often your author reproduces a press release directly, but one popped in last week which is vaguely interesting, and worth sharing. It appears the people from a mineral water company are offering Londoners a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of London streets with an installation in West London.

It's on tomorrow and the day after, and gives people an opportunity to try to pretend they're somewhere else, with trickling water sounds and noise cancelling headphones, to recreate the tranquillity of the Peak District. Last time your author went to the Peak District it rained incessantly, and it was unclear at the time of writing if this will be recreated.

It's a publicity stunt alright, and one which - like they all seem to - takes place about five streets from the PR agency who thought it up. Still, it might sell a few bottles of water.

For more, see http://thefoodielist.co.uk/wp/buxton-filters-out-the-chaos-of-london/

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