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13 August 2010

Enjoy the views from Potters Fields

It doesn't seem five minutes ago that your author was at the opening of Potters Fields Park, beside City Hall and Tower Bridge on the South Bank. It was actually 2007 when the space was extensively landscaped and managed into what we see today, with the help of Landscape architects Gross Max.

A former graveyard, in an area famous for the production of English Delftware pottery - hence Potter's Fields - the park is designed to be compassionate to the extensive history in the local area and to provide a safe, clean and restful space for people to relax in. It contains grass, trees, and a colourful herbaceous garden created by world famous plantsman Piet Oudolf. There are even still some gravestones visible from the Tooley Street entrance

Last time your author was there it was also being used as venue for camel racing, but that was probably a one off. For more on the park, see http://www.pottersfields.co.uk

^Picture by Team London Bridge^

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