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11 August 2010

Remember Tom Cribb, at the Tom Cribb

The Tom Cribb, at 36 Panton Street in Piccadilly, isn't a particularly notable pub, but it does pay tribute to a famous Londoner, a 19th century bare-knuckle boxer who rose to become world champion.

Following his retirement from boxing in 1812, he went on to run a pub in the very same street as the modern-day Tom Cribb pub, running the Union Arms at 26 Panton Street, and this is why the current pub was given his name.

In 1839, Cribb moved to Woolwich, and eventually died in 1848, at the age of 67. He is buried at St Mary's and St Andrew's, Woolwich, and a monument to his memory still exists there.

For more on Tom, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Cribb

1 comment:

  1. Nice little pub run by Shepherd Neame - we had a pleasant couple of drinks here a few months ago. The boxing memorabilia is quite interesting and there's a leaflet you can take with you available at the bar.