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26 August 2010

Pop into the Towpath Cafe

Cycling along the Regents Canal this summer, your author has been pleased to note that at one of the trendier points, someone has opened a small cafe opening directly onto the towpath, with a few bench seats. More recently it has even gained a small pontoon with seats on it.

According to Time Out, it's the idea of Italian-American food writer Lori De Mori and her food photographer husband Jason Low, and as ideas go it's not a bad one. They tell us that the cafe is open 8am - dusk Tue until Fri, 9am until dusk Sat and 10am until dusk on Sundays, and that main courses cost about a fiver.

For the full review, see http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/venue/2:26732/towpath


  1. Seems like a good location. That's one way of extending cafe's seating capacity!

  2. Peaceful location by the water, and reasonably cheap food . . .Can't go wrong here.

  3. There should be loads more of these cafes along the canal path. Must be room elsewhere.

  4. It's my fav spot for a morning coffee. Easy access from Whitmore Rd turning into DeBeauvoir Crescent and immediate right down ramp to towpath. I stopped in for a hot Chocolate on Friday around 5pm - pouring rain but warmer in pod with heat lamp

  5. This place has just served me the best meal I've eaten all year. And it was for lunch!

    Chef lady that works there is to be congratulated - she just served up spot on juicy cumin lamb, stunning spiced cauliflower and delicious crispy chickpeas. The whole combination was just incredible, I was totally stunned, it was that good.

    Awesome, awesome food.