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12 August 2010

Buy nice things at the Design Museum Shop

Your author popped into the Design Museum Shop yesterday, and was really impressed at some of the great things they have on sale there. The Museum website tells us how, over two decades, the Shop has evolved from a small outlet selling postcards and a handful of products into a destination store for design conscious visitors from all over the world, and it really did seem like that was the case.

Frustratingly, it was only when your author entered the building that he realised he had left all his money at home, and couldn't buy any of the nice things he found there. Probably for the best, as it is all fairly expensive and it would be easy to spend a lot of money.

So, if you're looking for some really pretty things to spend money on, or some nice books, cards or wrapping paper, why not pop in? The shop is open daily from 10am until 5.45pm, and you can find more information and view products at http://designmuseumshop.com/.


  1. I prefer the shop to the museum.

    I doubt there's another museum in London I could say that about.

  2. I always examine the shop BEFORE going into a gallery or museum. That way, if I connect with something in the collection proper, I know in advance if there are books etc to pursue the topic further.

    No use getting excited about a displayed object, if it is a dead end!