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20 June 2010

Wander in the Holland Park Kyoto Garden

The Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, West London, was created in 1991, apparently by a team sponsored by the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce, to celebrate a Japanese Festival.

Refurbished in 2001, the gardens are laid out in a traditional Japanese style and are designed to commemorate the centenary of Britain's friendship with Japan, conveniently forgetting the fact that the formal gardens and woodland which make up Holland Park only came into public ownership after Holland House was bombed in the Second World War.

Holland Park is open daily from 7.30am in summer and 8am in winter until 30 minutes before dusk. For more, click here.

^Picture by Sberla_^


  1. The gardens would be even nicer if some parents read the _many_ signs about it being a place for peace and tranquillity as opposed to a place for kids to scream and run on the grass.

  2. Wow. The bitterness on this page is impressive.

  3. Isn't it Sean. I'm not sure where it comes from. I guess I was just born this way.