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14 June 2010

Drink in the Prince of Wales, Cleaver Square

The Prince of Wales, on Cleaver Square in Kennington, is a lovely little pub on a beautiful Georgian square which is renowned for having some of the best real estate in the area.

It's a Shepherd Neame pub with a pretty red brick front, and a nice bit at the front where you can sit out if the sun is shining. Cleaver Square and the surrounding area are apparently home to a number of Parliamentarians, being only a short hop from Westminster and local rumour has it that Paddy Ashdown likes a swift half in the Prince of Wales, and Kenneth Clarke, Tony Benn and Jack Straw reside in the locality.

All in, it's good pub, and in an area in which gems like this are patchy, it's definitely worth a look. For more, see here.


  1. I live nearby and also know this pub. It's also a good place to play boules. The pub has a set you can use and the gravel area in the centre of the square is given over to the game in the summer

  2. Yes, the boules nearby is just brilliant on a summer evening.