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11 June 2010

Drink at the Princess of Wales

The Princess of Wales, on Chalcot Road, near Chalk Farm Tube, is a cosy little pub in an area of town that can drift towards the pretentious.

From its attractive central bar, the friendly staff serve a range of good ales and other drinks, and the huge menu has a mixture of dishes with an Italian leaning. It also has a small downstairs garden area which looks very pleasant.

Your author was introduced to the pub by the Londonist team when a planned picnic on Primrose Hill got cancelled due to poor weather, and also popped in last night with Doreen from Tasty Fever for some excellent pasta.

It's well worth a visit if you're in the area and seeking a decent pub which isn't too crowded, and it also hosts occasional free jazz. For more, see the Standard website here.

**Update 14.40pm - See Londonist for more on the recent graffiti in this pub's garden. As your author says in the comments, he always thinks a better question to ask about graffiti than "Is it a Banksy?" is "Is it any good?".

In your author's humble opinion, the graffiti isn't particularly clever, or artistic. Nowhere near as good as the pub itself. Good publicity for the pub though.***


  1. Looks worth a visit. Like tasty fevers site as well.
    Have doone a posty of your muse today.

  2. Certainly is Mo, it's a lovely spot.

    Agree the Tasty Fever blog is excellent. She's a (nearly) qualified Food Anthropologist you know...

  3. Surely this is up here because Banksy visited it last night and painted an awesome mural on the garden wall?? And it's now all over the Metro? Or is this just the most unbelievabley cool coincidence EVER?

  4. Bizarrely, it is just a coincidence. I was in there last night and it's a great pub.

    I was going to update it with the 'Banksy' rumour but it is so obviously untrue I'm not sure whether to bother.

    Oh well, go on then...