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9 June 2010

Take it slow with the Slow London Guide

There's a lot of rushing to do in London, so sometimes we all need to take it a little bit slower, which is why your author was delighted to receive a free copy of the Slow London Guide recently. The book, part of a series of Slow Guides, is devoted to looking at London from a slower pace, without all the running from place to place usually involved in touristing, or living in a capital city.

Based around themes such as nature, taste, touch and travel, the concept is supposedly how you can get the most out of your time by fretting less, and examines some slow delights around town such as knitting groups, nature reserves, deck chairs, gardening, boat trips and DIY.

Your author's only criticism is the sheer volume of ideas packed into the guide, which also includes trips outside London, and even long distance sleeper trains. Whilst the guide has some brilliant ideas, it is rather busy at times and isn't as relaxing a read as it should be.

But the message is clear, slow down and you might enjoy life more. If only your author could make himself follow that mantra a bit more.

Slow London retails at £12.99, and for more you can have a look at their blog at http://slowguides.com/london

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